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Solved: Autel KM100 Does Not Detect Any Cars to Update

Provide suggestion to fix Autel KM100 does not detect any cars to update problem.
I've requested for update on Autel MaxiIM KM100, but nothing worked when pressing any buttons.

It always gave me same message:
"Nota: ll dispositivo non rileva alcuna auto da aggiornare,scaricare dalla pagina di aggiornamento
(Note: The device does not detect any cars to update, download from the page update)"

I've been registered account and device on Autel official.
What's wrong? Please help.

Autelshop.De engineer replies
  1. This is caused by the use of an unauthorized language.
  2. This Autel KM100 is authorized with English, Spanish, German without Italian.
  3. Switch to authorized language, the problem can be solved.