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Comparison Review: MaxiCOM MK808TS vs MaxiPRO MP808TS

Comparison Review: MaxiCOM MK808TS vs MaxiPRO MP808TS

This article is a comparison review between Autel MK808 vs Autel MD808 Pro.



Autel MK808 is currently priced at 356 pounds, and this MD808 Pro is 247 pounds.



There is a built-in battery inside MK808, while this MD808 Pro hasn’t, so I connect it to MK808 by USB cable to get power.


Wired or wireless

Both need to be plugged into a vehicle by a solid cable, but there is a Bluetooth version called MK808BT which will cost 150 pounds more.



The coverage of this MD808 Pro is good but the coverage of MK808 is excellent.


Target group

MK808 would be aimed at a workshop or a garage that has a lot of different vehicles to do.

MD808 may be suitable for DIYers or car enthusiasts.



MD808 Pro needs to be plugged into a PC, and we install new software onto PC and update this tool.

For this MK808, you just one-click to update via Wi-Fi connection.


Update fee

MD808 Pro, free updates for life.

MK808, free updates for the first year. After that you do need to pay for annual update subscription. It still works after the first year for me.

Special function/service

MD808 only gives 6 options while there are far more options in MK808.



MD808 Pro is only for diagnosis, but for MK808, as a tablet, you can download things from Android store.



MD808 cannot print, while MK808 can print.


Personal choice

Seldom will I have a lot of cars to handle, and usually I get 3 or 4 to do.

I would choose this MD808 Pro, because MK808 seems to focus more on repair shops or teams but not on individuals. Besides, free update for life, don’t have to pay a penny.

Of course, this MK808 is the best choice in a workshop since it allows you to enter control units of most vehicles for diagnosis.


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