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Autel IM508 Generate Ford Lincoln MKX 2011-2015 Key

This is how to use Autel IM508 + XP400Pro to generate a Ford Lincoln MKX 2011 key.
Today I'm gonna use Autel MaxiIM IM508 Key Programming Tool to generate a Ford Lincoln MKX 2011 new key.
In order to test the
Autel MAXIIM IKEY, I should work with XP400 or XP400Pro programmer together.

Programmer >> Accept >> Universal key
This function only supports XP400/XP401/XP400 PRO/XP401 PRO.
Connect them.

Put Autel Universal Key into XP400 PRO slot.

General key generation >> USA >> Ford >> Lincoln >> MKX >> 2011 >> Lincoln MKX 2011-2015 >> Generate universal key

Acquiring universal key information.
Please wait...
During the process, we've got green light flashing on XP400PRO.
Generating universal key...
Please wait until 100%.

Universal key generation is completed.

Go to "Adjusting button".
Here IM508 can adjust trunk, lock, unlock, remote start & panic button.
After selecting the function, press "Confirm Writing".
Key buttons have been set up.

The above functions are also available on Autel KM100 key tool.