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What is Autel Remote Expert? How to Use?

What is Autel Remote Expert? How to Use?

Whats Autel Remote Expert?

In case you’re having difficulties when programming a module, or don’t know how to start program a module. Why not saving time and money to hire an experienced programmer directly from your tablet? Remote experts are there to professionally complete your module programming jobs.


Just update your software and go. Workable for Autel Maxisys Ultra, MS909, MS919, Autel Elite II scanner, MS906S, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS diagnostic scanner.


Autel Remote Expert Highlights

  1. Effortlessly create an order with a tap on the screen to load a vehicle scan report.
  2. Extensive vehicle and system coverage with matched experts.
  3. Experts are on standby for immediate access.
  4. Online payment is simple and secure.


How Autel Remote Expert Works?

  1. The technician connects the tablet to vehicle via the VCI or VCMI. Then plugs the Ethernet cable into the tablet to establish a stable connection between the vehicle and the remote expert.


  1. Experts will use Autel OE and third party devices to complete programming via an Autel MaxiFlash VCI or VCMI and the Remote Expert Box.


  1. Automatic server matching to ensure low-latency connection. Communicate with the expert through voice text or video in real time.


  1. Expert feedback ratings promote trustworthiness.


Autel Remote Expert services at your side. New feature is coming soon.


Contact Info:


Wechat: +86-13429866263

Whatsapp: +86-13429866263