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Solved: Autel TS501 Failed to Program JLR TPMS Sensors

Solved Autel TS501 failed to program 2016 Range Rover TPMS sensors.
Problem: Hi, having problems with re-setting a new genuine JLR TPMS sensors on my Range Rover.
Autel TS501 can see the sensors but the car doesn't see them.
Trying everything and apparently I need a more powerful tool than the TS501?

Have you come across this problem before?
It's a 2016 Range Rover, genuine TPMS sensors on all 4 wheels.

If you're trying to replace the OEM sensors and install MX-Sensors, please update your TS501 then try with US market.
Autel supported with multiple menus as below.

Users can check Autel TPMS coverage here:

Thanks to, problem was solved!