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Solved: Autel IM608 Unable to Diagnose Renault Clio 5

Fixed Autel IM608 is failed to diagnose Renault Clio 5 issue.
Why my Autel MaxiIM IM608 PRO was failed to diagnose Renault Clio 5? It just gave attention as below:

"Unlock failed:
Error Message: The requested software service has not been purchased."
(Deverrouillage echoue:
Erreur Message: Le service logiciel demande n'a pas ete achete.)

"Please contact your distributor to purchase the gateway unlock service."
(Veuillez contacter votre distributeur pour acheter le service de deverrouillage de la passerelle. prendre enviror)

What's the problem? Please help.

The reason is because the gateway authorization is lock.

Here are 2 ways to unlock Renault gateway authorization:
  1. Go to OEM Authorization to buy Renault gateway token;
  2. Use a 12+8 cable to bypass.