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In-depth Review on Autel MaxiSys Ultra

In-depth Review on Autel MaxiSys Ultra

This is a review of the Autel high-end diagnostic system - Autel MaxiSys Ultra diagnostic tablet.

We’re going to walk through the Ultra’s intelligent diagnosis on a Chevrolet Cruze 2013.


Part 1. Topology mapping

AutoVIN, and answer several questions about the vehicle.

Here it comes the cool thing - topology.

Run into ECM, and right away check the DTCs.

Click the repair icon beside, and we’re in the intelligent diagnosis.


Part 2. Repair tips

On the left we have a relevant “technical service bulletin”, and we can go there to collect useful info.

On the center we have “DTC Analysis”, it gives us some background info.

On the right we have “Repair Assist”, we go there after for a while.

Scroll down they have repair tips named “Component measurement”.

Since it’s a frequency type, so select “Frequency Signal”.

Here it tells us what the good signal wave looks like.

Move two cursors, and we can see it’s about a 5V signal.

Hit the ruler icon on the lower right to show out the frequency - 154 KHz.

Now we can hook up the VCMI and start “Scope”.

We have 1.8 KHz, stabilize the wave, move the cursors to measure it, and we’ve got only 3V.

Of course we have an issue.


Part 3. Troubleshoot

Exit and go to “Repair Assist” for a test.

Make the engine idling, and click on “F1” to read the parameter.

It shows us “0.08”

See if the parameter changes with engine speed.

No, so we select “NO”.

Then it tells us to check ground circuit resistance.

Here it has diagrams, and we zoom in to X1 as required.

We don’t test the resistance now, so click on “YES” to the next step.

Then it tells us to check ignition circuit with test lamp.

We just assume it’s fine and hit “S1” to go to the next step.

Now we’re going to check signal circuit voltage.

We switch our leads to the multimeter lead and connect it to our VCMI.

Turn on the ignition and click on “F1” to start the multimeter.

We’re at less than 3V, and it should be 4.8-5.2V.

If below 4.8V, check signal circuit short to ground.

So, click on “S2” to complete the rest tests by instructions.


Alright, that’s a look at the intelligent diagnosis within the Autel MaxiSys Ultra.

Credits to Scott Brown.


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