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GM Factory Radio Theftlock Unlock: Snap-on Fail, Autel OK

GM Factory Radio Theftlock Unlock: Snap-on Fail, Autel OK

Autel IM608 scanner performs GM Factory Radio Theftlock Unlock----Very OK!


After Radio swap, we have a radio theft code, so we’re unlocking it to make it work.


I am told on part of models we can do it with Autel, if it cannot do radio programming, then we have to use SPS - factory programming method for GM.


Try to enter vehicle list first, and we select


It asks if we have the air pump.

Open up the bonnet and look at the exhaust manifold.

When you see this here, this is a divert valve part of the air pump.

So go on to select

With air pump>>Hot functions>>TEC Learn>>Crankshaft Position (CKP) variation learn

This path is not what want.

In service, I doesn’t find the entrance as well.


So back to the main menu after we select “With air pump”.

Go to

Diagnosis>>Control unit>>Radio>>Special function

“Set options” and “Radio setup”.

It seems that this is the entrance.

Don’t know the difference, so try “Radio setup”.

It asks if a new or existing radio will be setup - Yes.

If we have an up-level radio.

In my opinion, up-level means it automatically adjusts the volume based on speed.

In this one we have “SCV” which could be speed control volume, so I’ll say “Yes” for that.

If we have PRO or UL2. I have no idea about RPO code.

Try “Yes” and the device fails and the radio still doesn’t work.

So try “No”, and it asks me about another PRO code.

Try “Yes” and fails as before.

So try “No”, it works! The radio comes alive.


And also see what there are in “Set options”.

“Chime level” and “Loud chime volume”, it’s about the door open.


To check again, unplug all cables on the radio and insert them back to test.

No “Calibrate” when I turn it on, and it’s just $35 can you believe it.


Anyway, this Autel diagnostic tool wins for that. We have tried with our Snap-on scan tool, and no radio option.


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