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Comparison Review: Autel MaxiSys Ultra vs MaxiSys Elite

Comparison Review: Autel MaxiSys Ultra vs MaxiSys Elite

The Autel Maxisys Ultra, coming out in the middle of 2020, is the upgraded version of the MaxiSy Elite that came on 2016. Here is a comparison of MaxiSys Ultra and MaxiSys Elite to help you decide which to buy.


First, take a look at the comparison chart:

  MaxiSys Ultra MaxiSys Elite
Screen 12.9-inch 9.7-inch
Battery capacity 18000mA 15000mA
VCI Maxiflash VCMI Maxiflash elite (J2534)
Memory 256GB 64/32GB
Octa-core 2.3GHz + 1.7GHz 1.8GHz
System Android 7.0 Android 4.4
Interface display Column selection
Multiple displays
Function path guide Guide menu
DTCs display Right after scan
Vehicle selection Scan VIN/license plate
Basic diagnosis
Special functions VAG online immo programming
Online programming
(BMW Mercedes)
√ (No BMW Programming cable for F/G chassis)
Modules scanning Topology limited functions and modules
VCI connection Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Bluetooth
Intelligent diagnosis Repair assist
DTC analysis
Technical service bulletin
VCI functions Communicate to the vehicle ECU via OBD, pass-thru device,Oscilloscope,Multimeter,Waveform Generator,CAN BUS Checker Communicate to the vehicle ECU via OBD
J2534 pass-thru device
J2534 protocols 28 19
Removable Battey ×
Annual Update fee(Euros) 1000 687
ADAS calibration kit
MV108 digital inspection camera
V-100 VCI
MP408 basic MaxiScope ×
Oscilloscope kit ×
Non-OBDII adapters kit √(Supplied in package)
BT608 Battery tester ×


Highlights where you invest most of your money in MaxiSys Ultra:

1.Advanced 5-In-1 VCMI

(VCI/Oscilloscope/Multimeter/Waveform Generator/CAN BUS Checker)

2.Topology view on diagnosis

3.Intelligent diagnosis

1)Repair assist

Detailed function description, Detailed fault data, Fault evaluation and elimination instructions, Detailed replacement instructions, Step-by-step guidance.

2)DTC Analysis

DTC description, Conditions, Fault influence, Possible cause, Possible solutions.

3)TSB(Technical Service Bulletin)

Manufacturer news, Unexpected faults, Step-by-step process.


Other features of MaxiSys Ultra:


  • VCMI that supports Wi-Fi could give you an oscilloscope view.
  • More newer J2534 protocols supported help diagnose newer vehicles
  • Both support online programming on BMW/Mercedes, but the Ultra doesn’t need BMW Ethernet cable.
  • Multiple displays in one screen allows multi-tasking.
  • Select vehicles by Scanning VIN/license plate via the camera.



  • The built-in battery cannot be removed, which requires users to buy from a dealer that could help you handle battery issues in case.
  • Very high update service price.


Personal view on which to buy

If you work on a body shop and keep handling newer vehicle in all respects, it’s a great tool; if users cannot utilize the features of the Ultra, so I might recommend a different tool or tool pair, like IM508 with XP400Pro and MS909, or IM608 with XP400Pro and Maxiflash elite (J2534).


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