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Autel MK808 MP808 MX808 Series New Features Upgrade[2022.6.1]

An upgrade of 3 new features was released on Autel 808 series tablets.
The 808 series of Autel diagnostic device has received an upgrade. Models covering MaxiCOM MK808/MK808TS/MK808BT, MaxiPRO MP808/MP808BT/MP808TS, MaxiDAS DS808/ DS808K/ DS808BT/ DS808TS, MaxiCheck MX808/ MX808TS.

Keep update your Autel 808 tablet to get latest new features:
  1. Added all system special functions & active test.
- Special Functions
- Functions Menu
- Active Test

Available Models:
MK808, MK808BT, MK808TS
MX808, MX808TS
TS608, IM508

Autel MX808 is an ultra portable OBD2 all system diagnostic scanner. It allows users to read & erase codes, view live data and perform a multitude of service functions like resetting the steering angle sensor & relearning the parking brake pad after replacement.

The MX808TS can now read/erase codes, view live data and perform active tests. We also added support for complete special functions and is now compatible with video scope & BT506 to perform battery analysis testing. 808TS is an advanced TPMS diagnostic tool for complete TPMS health check. It can activate 98% of all known TPMS sensors and can program Autel MX-Sensors.

  1. Support battery testing function, compatible with BT506.
Available Models:
MK808BT, MK808TS
MP808BT, MP808TS
DS808BT, DS808TS

  1. Compatible with Endoscopes extends camera reach.
(MaxiVideo MV105/MV108)
Available Models:
MK808, MK808BT, MK808TS
MP808, MP808BT, MP808TS
MX808, MX808TS, DS808
DS808BT, DS808K, DS808TS