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Autel Devices App Uninstall + Update + Data Log + Language Guide

Autel Devices App Uninstall + Update + Data Log + Language Guide

This article is about to bring you a complete guide on Autel tools. We’ll cover 4 parts:

Part 1.Uninstall vehicle apps

Part 2.Update

Part 3.Data log

Part 4.Language


Part 1.How to uninstall vehicle apps?

Note: If you tablet is out of update subscription, do Not uninstall any app before you get a backup, or you can only pay for re-downloading.

1.Via ES File Explorer

Go to

ES File Explorer>>Local>>sdcard>>Scan>>Vehicle

Select vehicle area (Europe/USA/Asia...).

Hold on setup package(eg. BMW) to show out edit bar, and click on “Delete”.

Then, go to

ES File Explorer>>Local>>sdcard>>Scan>>Download

Delete vehicle app(eg. BMW) in download file if there is.


2.Via Data Manager

Go to

Data Manager>>Apps Uninstall

In Diagnosis&Service, select icons to delete.


To backup & restore Autel tablets, you can check:


Part 2.How to update?

Update Diagram:


During valid update time,

Go to “Update” to download “System Program” and “Libcom”.

Then download apps you need.


Handset mainly consists of MD professional scan tools, ML and AL series tools, and we can update it via “Maxi PC Suite” or “Maxi Link II”.


1)Via Maxi PC Suite(MD808, MD808Pro etc.)

Download “Maxi PC Suite”. (

Take the SD card out from your scanner and then load it to your computer and format it.

Run “Maxi PC Suite” and download all the software.

Insert the SD card back to your scanner and turn on to check.


2)Via Maxi Link II(AL319, AL419, AL439, AL519, AL539(B), MS609)

Download “MaxiLink II”. (

Download update package from product page.

Connect your device to computer via USB cable, and follow instructions to finish updates.


Part 3.How to upload data log?

We have two ways to upload data log, and it depends on if it’s a vehicle app issue.

Note: You need to upload data log as soon as the problem reappears, and input details as required.

1.Vehicle app issue

If there was a communication issue after you enter Eobd/vehicle app via Diagnostics/Service or you met a problem during performing a specific function, you can upload data log on operation page.

Eg. software Demo

Diagnostics -> Demo -> Perform functions -> collect data (Conversation icon) -> select issue type -> upload data (Upload icon)


2.Non-vehicle app issue

If it’s about software download failure, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi connection, app crash(including vehicle apps crash) etc., you need to upload data log on MaxiTools.

Go to “MaxiTools”,

Click on “Start” to collect log.

Click on “Upload” when log collection done.


One exception - How to upload data log on MaxiAP AP200:


Part 4.How to change language?

Note: For MaxiSys series tablets, MS906 and higher versions only support English. For other devices, you need to contact us to get authorization before changing language.


Path for MaxiSys tablets:

Setting>>Language>>(The language you want)

Path for Other tablets like MK808:

Settings>>System Settings>>Language & Input>>(The language you want)

After language selection, reboot the device and update apps again.



Connect your device to PC to update apps again.


Alright, hope this could help!